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WillsRus is an ambassador for Kwil, a firm that specialises in wills and estate law. This means we can help to make and change wills, plan estate and tax, and outline property distributions after death. We also offer services around financial planning and the protection of beneficiary and trustees' rights in contentious cases. A fast, easy, affordable way to do your Will online. Should you require any of these services, we are the firm to talk to. Get in touch by using this link:


Should you die intestate – without a last will and testament – this can cause problems for your heirs at what is already a difficult time. A will provides legal justification for your final wishes, and makes it easy for your assets to be transferred to your intended beneficiaries after probate. It is prudent, therefore, to have our reputable solicitors work on your Will and ensure a smooth transition of your property to your named heirs when you are no longer there.

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While every law firm employs lawyers, not all of them are the right choice, or even have the capacity, to help estates manage their affairs. Beyond estate administrations, issues such as disputes and testamentary trusts require specific expertise that you can't fake your way through. At our practice, we specialise in estate and will law because we want to do it properly. This allows us to help you to make the best decision for you when it comes to your will or estate.

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Why do I need a Will?

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"Their telephone support line was excellent and the addition of a lock box on their site holding all basic financial and funeral information is
excellent. Time saving for an Executor to...

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